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Hello! I am Sherry Burke.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out This blog is here to share helpful tips for your pet’s health, news about new products, and uplifting stories.

As a pet owner and pet sitter with over 16 years experience, content of this blog is a combination of practical tips I’ve learned over the years as a pet owner, insight from my daily research and discussions with veterinarians, and daily interactions with client’s pet’s as the owner of See Sparky Run, LLC. Keeping up to date on quality and safe products for my pet’s health and yours is my number one priority.

In addition, you will find my posts, to be honest, informative, humorous and straight from the heart.
More prokaryotes inhabit a handful of fertile soil or the mouth or skin of a human than the total number of people who have ever lived

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Is to create a community of like-minded pet owners who believe in providing the healthiest lifestyle for their pets. Sharing with one another about our own experiences, we will help our pets live a long and healthy life.

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I hope you find a lot of interesting stuff as you carouse around. If you read my bio, you will notice all of my posts are based on personal experience.

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Traveling With Your Pet Resources App

Interview: Jason Hanny from Pet Connect Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Pet Connect co-owner, Jason Hanny. We talked about the inspiration of the Pet Connect App as well as the excitement and continued work going into growing their reach. Pet Connect isn’t just for pet owners, but pet businesses too……

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A little compilation of my daily adventures.

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I love what I do and not a day goes by without a LAUGH OUT LOUD moment.